Detroit Is Losing Money On The ‘People Mover’ Train That No One Ever Rides

The “People Mover” is a unique light rail system in downtown Detroit that hardly anyone uses. Mainly because it can only go in one direction and covers a minuscule 2.9-mile circumference.

The aptly named People Mover does have its uses, though, and, at just $0.75 a ride, it’s super cheap. Problem is, the People Mover is quite the money-losing venture.

Every ride taken on the People Mover costs the Detroit Transportation Corporation a little less than $4.

Regardless, most Detroiters like the People Mover and don’t want to get rid of it. Watch to learn more about this strange love/hate relationship between the city of Detroit and the People Mover.


Produced by William Wei. Special thanks to Alex Davies.


“Afterthoughts” by Terry Devine-King


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